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Flexible Cable

Flexibility is sometimes needed in the world today. If your world calls for flexibility, then this is the site for you. Now, you may be wondering what flexible cable could be used for and we have an answer for you. The cables can be used in the manufacturing world for drag chain applications, any application with repetitive bending and torsion stress, machine tools, data processing equipment, robotics, assembly lines, automation networking, microprocessor and computer interconnections just to name a few. Flexible cable can also be referred to as chain-suitable, high-flex, or continuous flex cable. No matter how it is referenced the cable is made to withstand continuous bending. There are two categories of flexible cable and many types of flexible cable.

  • Stranded in Layers - many overlapping layers
  • Stranded in Bundles - braided layers

The first category of flexible cable is called Stranded in Layers. The cable in this category is easy to manufacture thus having a lower cost. In this category the cable is created by laying multiple layers on top of one another the result during bending is that the outermost layers are tightened while the inner layers are compacted. Over time the cable will gradually become distorted and warped.

The second category of flexible cable is called Stranded in Bundles. This category of cable has the tendency to be more expensive but the layers are braided around a tension-proof core. Manufacturing the cable in this manor allows the layers to trade places throughout the bending. Meaning that on one layer is always pulled or compressed, giving the cable a longer lifespan.

There are eight types of flexible cable, they are Flexible Control Cable, Continuous Flex Control Cables, Torsion Cable, Flexible Specialty Cables, Flexible Motor Cable, Bus Cable, Silicone Flexible Cable, and Halogen Free Cable. Each of the links listed will give you more information on each type.

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